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Graduating 2018

Summer 2018, it is official!  After four years of studying, we have now graduated from university. The end of an amazing chapter in both our lives and we are thrilled for what’s next. For us, this isn’t the time of finding a well-paid job, enjoying the benefits of a proper salary and frankly we don’t want to play it safe, yet.  We are aware of what an insanely fortunate position this is and we certainly know, not everybody is in this position. We got lucky to be born in Europe, to have amazing parents and to receive education in a western country. When we were younger we did not see it the same way. Back in high-school, going to school every day was certainly not our favourite thing to do. But after four years of university, our perspective has shifted. Due to internships and exchange semesters that our university encouraged us to do, we both lived in developing countries for a longer period of time. It was shocking but also very eye-opening to see how educational systems differ around the world.

Cycling for education

Education has enabled us to do what we love and it has opened us many different life paths to choose from. We don’t want to take it for granted. That’s why we want to help kids who are less fortunate to get the same opportunities, too. But we are aware that tackling children’s education on our own is too challenging. To help make an impact, we teamed up with Pencils of Promise.

Numbers we need to change

Governments around the world have realised the importance of education. That’s why money is being invested more than ever before. New technologies continue to be developed at scale. The result is a world with almost endless seeming opportunities for people who have received a proper education. And yet there is so much to be done. At this point in time, 72million children of primary age have never stepped inside a classroom. That’s 72million children whose chances of improving their living conditions and thriving within society are fairly low to not existing. There are millions more who receive an education but don’t learn effectively due to various reasons.  In many developing countries, the financial resources which are needed to build schools, to train teachers or to provide schooling materials are not covered by the government. The challenge we are facing is not only to provide children access to an education but to ensure continuous and sustainable progress. If you want to help, there are hundreds of different ways to change those numbers. Biking to Beijing with the goal of collecting €50.000 to co-dedicate a school is ours.

Help us to make an impact

There are many ways to help us. Here are just a few: Inform yourself about the issue, increase awareness by sharing it with your friends and family, follow our journey or visit our fundraising campaign and support us to co-dedicate a school in Guatemala and educate 400 students for an entire year. Regardless of how you decide to help, we are thrilled and grateful for your support.

… and this is why we are cycling for education!

…Read here to learn why exactly we have decided on Pencils of Promise.

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