There are thousands of Non-Profit Organisations all over the world. Why this NGO – why have we decided to start cycling for Pencils of Promise? There are several reasons…

The mission makes us cycling for Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise has the mission to provide access to quality education in countries like Ghana, Laos, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. The NGO does it by building safe schools, supporting teachers with resources and providing students with health programming to increase educational outcomes.
The motivation behind Biking Borders is to help others get an education as well – we are grateful for the education we have received and think it is up to us now to give back. Therefore, we have decided that our mission is perfectly aligned with Pencils of Promise.

The concept is amazing

Everybody can decide to start campaigning for Pencils of Promise and raise money for children’s education. Do you have a crazy idea and want to help to provide more quality education? Simply start a fundraising page, promote your cause and be part of this great concept. The best is that 100% of the online donations go directly into educational programs to educate more children – there are no deductions for administration fees. PoP is super transparent about every cent that is coming in or going out from the organisation. This was another decisive factor why we decided to start cycling for Pencils of Promise. You can find the NGO’s Annual Impact Progress Reports here.

100% use of the donations

As said, each cent collected find its direct way into educational programs. Only 75$ support one child’s education for an entire year and with donations of 100.000$, a school can be co-built. With Biking Borders, we want to raise 50.000€ to enable Pencils of Promise to build a co-dedicated school in Guatemala – together with all of you, we can do it! Show us that you believe in us and support us in reaching Beijing by bike by donating to our cause.

The results speak for themselves

Up to today, 471 schools have been built, 921 teachers have been supported and more than 90.000 students have been impacted. All results are clearly visible and accessible to the public on the website of Pencils of Promise. You can find the results as well as the locations of all projects here. With our biking trip from Berlin to Beijing, we want to raise the number of schools built by one. You haven’t seen our motivation behind Biking Borders? Watch our first interview here.

You want to help? Amazing!

As said, every cent helps and is highly appreciated – from us and Pencil of Promise. Imagine, with only 75$, a kid can go ONE YEAR TO SCHOOL. What else would you do with 75$? We truly think that education shouldn’t be restricted or limited by the borders you are living in. That is the reason why we are biking borders for children education! For us it is amazing to see that people believe in us and make a donation – we will mention every donator in the credits of a final Biking Borders movie we plan to produce after the trip. To see where we currently are on our trip, check our Instagram page here.

… and this is why we are cycling for Pencils of Promise!

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