Biking Borders is a social project for which we cycle from Germany to China with the goal to build schools in Guatemala. The overall goal is to raise 1000.000€ for the NGO Pencils of Promise. Donations come from supporters who believe in us and our mission – either individuals or companies can donate.

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Individual donators

We love your support and appreciate that you want to contribute to building this school. What a gesture! This project is only possible with each one of you. All individual donators can be seen here  – we are at almost 1000 now!

Company donators

Company donators are amazing contributors to our fundraising campaign. By donating generous amounts, we all together can build this school. A donation for quality education does say everything about a company’s values and culture. Official donation receipts are available when donating via our fundraising page at Pencils of Promise.

Current company donators:

CoPiDUS – Agentur aus Düsseldorf. Erfahre mehr hier.

REPKA-DONFLEX GmbH & Co KG. Erfahre mehr hier.

OxyCare GmbH. Erfahre mehr hier.

Qynamic AG. Erfahre mehr hier.

8bar bikes GmbH. Erfahre mehr hier.


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Biking Borders is supported by different companies in the travel and cycling industry by means of equipment. Without the equipment such as a tent, bicycles, sleeping pads etc. our sponsors are providing, the project would not be possible. Thank you for your support and believing in our mission!

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Mapify is the new app for adventureous travelers and outdoor fans. The young company heavily supports our social ambitions and provides us with different equipment to take on the challenge of 12.000km. Thanks for supporting social adventures!

8bar Bikes

8bar Bikes – customized bicycles from the heart of Berlin. The company supports us with two of its absolute amazing MITTE 3in1 Pro bikes. We are super stoked and excited to cooperate with this amazing Berlin bike manufacturer and are looking forward for the bikes – the best of the best. Thanks so much!

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Justaddsugar Full Media Agency


JUSTADDSUGAR is a full-service media agency from Hamburg. Whether Instagram TV, Story or Vertical Videos, the team knows how “Mobile First” is made best. The team produces the official trailer of our project and helps us to create high-quality VLOGS. Thanks for supporting our project!


OxyCare is one of the leading service providers of oxygen and ventilation technology. They provide us with a full set of outdoor clothing equipment and travel electronics to capture our adventure on camera. We are excited to partner up with Oxy Care and are thankful for equipping us for any weather condition.

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Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin, one of the leading outdoor clothing and equipment companies, supports Biking Borders with some of its amazing products. We are looking forward for our new functional products and are happy to be prepared for any weather. Thanks!


Wechsel tents stands for the best quality. Since we will be traveling through extreme winter and summer, crossing mountains as well as deserts, we need to be equipped with a reliable camping equipment. Wechsel provides us with its newest tent, the Tempest 3, and two Lito sleeping pads. Thanks so much!

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MSX Mainstream

MSX Mainstream offers simply the best bags for bike touring – waterproof, resistent and light. The amazing company provides us with everything we need to safely store all our luggage during the trip. Thanks!

Fontys University

A journey from Hamburg to Beijing means facing many different challenges. Fontys has not only supported us the past 4 years, but also supports us financially to help us cover visa, insurance and housing costs. Thanks for the great time and for helping us to make Biking Borders a reality!

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SKS Germany

SKS Germany is one of the leading companies for bike accessories and equipment in Germany. They support us by giving us all necessary bike tools, lights and other equipment for our journey. Thanks so much!


Qynamic is an international mobile internet provider from Switzerland offering fast internet all around the world. Thanks to the Q-Sim from Qynamics we will be able to share our adventure with all of you from every we go.

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wvnderlab is a digital agency which is located in Hamburg. As part of their yearly social project they designed and created our website so that our fans and sponsors are up to date all the time. Thanks to the whole wvnderlab!


THE ARC is a Amsterdam based movie and cinematic content creation studio. They are supporting us in terms of content creation and are doing an amazing job! Thank you Oli!

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ehbo-koffer is a Dutch e-commerce for medicine and first-aid packages. The company provides us with a complete first-aid sport package as well as all relevant medicine for our trip. Thanks!


SQlab designs and distributes the best bicycle seats in the world. Our saddles are ergonomically adapted to our body heights and measurements. Thanks SQlab!

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