Ever wondered what to put on a packing list for a bicycle trip around the world? Well so did we after making the decision we are going to cycle from Berlin to Beijing. A few months of research later we have an idea. Here’s our list…

Where to begin?

Deciding on what to bring for a year of cycling can be as tricky as it gets. Ever struggled to pack for your summer vacation? There are thousands of potential products which you might need one day. The problem is there is only a very restricted packing space on your bicycle and probably, more importantly, you need to carry it with your own muscle strength. Quickly after starting the research for our very own packing list for a bicycle trip around the world, we realised a lightweight, durable and reliable kit is key. The problem was we never cycled around the world nor are we passionate cyclist. So, finding the right kit was easier said than done.  If you are not sure what to bring, test your gear and go on a weekend adventure. It will give you a better understanding of what you actually need and what to leave at home. If you are currently in the process of planning and preparing your upcoming bicycle adventure or you are curious, we made an overview on what made it on the list per person.


1x 8bar middle v1 trekking comp bicycle

1x Saddle SQ lab Ergolux

1x KASK bicycle helmet

2x panniers (back) MSX SLR MX 

2x panniers (front) MSX SL55

1x handlebar bag MSX CLS 55MX 

1x MSX CL 55 Drypack

1x SKS triangle bag 

1x mirror

1x Monkey light set 

3x Monkey Link bottles

2x Lock

1x Bell

1x Biking Borders Flag

All about camping

camping equipment bicycle trip

1x Wechsel Tent Tempest 3 

1x Wechsel Nubo L sleeping mat

1x inflatable cushion

1x Pretzl 300 headlamp

1x Jack Wolfskin Airflake -10 Sleeping bag 

1x Waterbag (10 liters)


bicycle trip around the world clothes

1x Rain jacket

1x Softshell jacket

1x Fleece jacket

2x Shirts

3x T-shirts

1x Zip-off pants

1x Shorts

1x Rain pants

2x Cycling shorts

1x Boardshorts

1x Thermal underwear

2x X-Socks Thermal Socks

3x Socks

1x Gloves (warm)

1x Bicycle gloves

1x Cap

1x Trekking shoes

1x Outdoor sandals

2x Towel

1x Sunhat

1x Sunglasses


1x Sony Alpha 6500

1x GoPro Hero 6

1x Rode microphone

2x Power bank

1x Solar panel

1x Gnarbox

1x Mobile phone

1x Gorilla Pod Tripod

1x Kindle

Cooking essentials

1x MSR gasoline cooker

2x Pots

1x Cutlery

1x Plate

1x Cup

1x Sponge

1x Tea towel

1x Spices

1x Folding sink

Survival essentials

1x Pocketknife

1x Rope

1x Compass

1x Hipflask

1x Corkscrew

1x Axe

4x Carabiner

1x Duct Tape

1x SKS Travel Toolbox 

1x SKS Chain oil 

1x Lubricant

Spare parts

4x Bicycle tubes

1x Bicycle chain

1x Brake pads

2x Spokes

First aid kit

1x Bicycle set

1x Painkillers

1x Imodium

1x Antibiotics

1x Vaseline

1x Betadine

2x Tape

2x sterile syringe

1x Tiger balm (white)

1x Tiger balm (red)

1x After Bite

1x Fever tester

1x tick tongs

1x bandage

Total: 41kg

…and this is our packing list for a bicycle trip around the world

If you have further questions about our packing list or you are looking for some tips on how to start, send us a message on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bikingborders/

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