Media and Press about Biking Borders

Find out where the story of Biking Borders – the 15000km bicycle trip around the world has been told in TV, Radio and Newspaper.


Forbes, USA – Forbes publishes an article with the hashtag #changetheworld. Here.

A Plus, USA – A Plus publishes a video article on Biking Borders on Facebook. Currently – 100.000 views. Here.

Cultura Colectiva, Latin America – “CC” publishes a big article about Biking Borders and social media activism. Here.

A Plus, USA – A Plus publishes a second video incl. an article on their website. Here.

Burgen Magazine, USA – An interview with the US Publisher “Burgen Magazine”. Here.

Xinhua News, China – Article with the most known publisher in China. Here.

Ohrid News, Macedonia – Online Article in Macedonian News. Here.

Czech TV, Czech Republic – 2 Minute Video on Biking Borders on Prvni Boleslavska. Here.

Turkish National News, Turkey – Article in Yeni Safak. Here

PoP, USA – Long Article about our fundraising. Here.

NDR1 – Erster Beitrag mit Sprach-Interview (Nono). Hier.

Handelsblatt – Beitrag über unsere Reise, die Schule & Social Media. Hier.

NDR1 – Zweiter Beitrag von NDR (Nono). Wird von ARD Tagesschau gefeatured. Hier.

Studio47 – Live im Fernsehen (Maximilian). Hier.

WAZ – Artikel vor Beginn der Reise (Maximilian). Hier.

KN – Die KN begleitet unsere Reise (Nono). Letzter Beitrag Hier.

SHZ – Die SHZ begleitet unsere Reise (Nono). Letzter Beitrag Hier.

Der Westen – Artikel vor Beginn der Reise (Maximilian). Hier.

SpreeRadio – Online Radio Interview vor Beginn der Reise. Hier.

FluxFM Radio – Radio Beitrag zum Thema erfolgreiches Crowdfunding. Hier.

Lokalkompass – Der Lokalkompass begleitet unsere Reise (Maximilian). Letzter Beitrag Hier.