Media and Press about Biking Borders

Find out where the story of Biking Borders – the 15000km bicycle trip around the world has been told in TV, Radio and Newspaper.


The current media presence:

(July 2018, Kieler Nachrichten) – An article on the idea of our crazy bicycle fundraising campaign in a big German Newspaper. Read here.

(July 2018, SHZ) – An article about the project from another German Newspaper. Read here.

(July 2018, Studio47) – Max is for 8minutes on German TV. Watch here.

(July 2018, WAZ) – Another article about the social bicycle journey in the biggest regional newspaper in Germany. Read here.

(July 2018, Westfälische Rundschau) – Max gives insights into his reasons to do this bicycle trip. Read here.

(July 2018, KielerExpress) – Article on Biking Borders in a regional German Newspaper. Read here.

(August 2018, NDR1 Welle Nord) – Article with recorded interview in the biggest news-platform from Northern Germany. Read and listen here.

(August 2018, Der Westen) – An article from Max where he speaks about the project and NRW. Read here.

(August 2018, – A really personal interview between Max and a newspaper from his hometown. Read here.

(August 2018, SpreeRadio Berlin) – We, Nono and Max, have been live in Studio with SpreeRadio Berlin. Listen here.

(September 2018, Xinhua) – Crazy! The biggest news platform from whole China published an article about Biking Borders. Read it here.

(September 2018, Czech TV) – We have been for 2 minutes in Czech TV – První Boleslavská. Watch it here.

(September 2018, Kieler Nachrichten) – An Update on our journey  – First milestone: Vienna. Read it here.


Read our very own version of the story behind Biking Borders here.

Voice Givers

Voice Givers are amazing people who have a high reach on Social Media and decided to give their influential voice to the story of Biking Borders and thus, the problem of children’s education. It’s our mission to create digital awareness for educational programs by doing exceptional things – and as a Voice Giver you do exactly the same. You hugely contribute to the fundraising campaign and basically, build this school hand in hand with us and Pencils of Promise.

The current Voice Givers:

Oscar Miño (@oscarminyo). IG-profile.

Daria Alizadeh (@dariadaria).  IG-profile.

Lena (@considerlena). IG-profile.

Leonie (@considerleonie). IG-profile.

Valentin and Roman (@Twintheworld). IG-profile.

Lilli Hollunger (@lilli). IG-profile.

José Villanueva (@pepeurueta). IG-profile

Carolin Unrath (@carocarolyn). IG-profile

Tobi Schnorpfeil (@tschnorpfeil). IG-profile

Alvaro Gellings (@alvarogermany). IG-profile

Patrick Krüger (@krueger_patrick). IG-profile

Jonas Moll (@jonasmoll).  IG-profile.

Charlotte Weise (@charlotte_weise). IG-profile

Quentin Strohmeier (@quentinstrohmeier). IG-profile.