Hi, I’m Nono Konopka!

Nono Konopka

And this is why I am Biking Borders.


I’m Nono Konopka, 24 years old and I just finished studying – over the past years, I have been in many different and remote places in Europe, Africa, South America and Central America. I love content creation, risky adventures, and digital media. With Biking Borders, I try to combine all of this to help others get an education. When I spent my last year in Central America (which I absolutely loved), I realized how lucky most of us Europeans can be for the living standard we have and especially, for the education we get. This gratitude and the will to make a difference is my personal motivation for our gap year on a bike. I am not a big cyclist – for me, this trip is about pushing my personal boundaries and showing others that we all should do more things we can’t do. Why I have chosen Pencils of Promise as a NGO to support? Read here.

Hi, I’m Max Jabs!

Max Jabs

And this is why I am Biking Borders.


My name is Max Jabs and I am also 24. Almost five years ago, I decided to leave my home country to work and explore China and Asia. After having an unforgettable time and a collection of stories to tell I was hooked. My biggest passion in life is the adventure. Nothing gets me in a better mood than paddling out and spending a few hours in the water or exploring unknown places. During my last four years at university, I have been fortunate to live in 5 different countries around the world. Last year I spent my semester abroad in Vietnam where I discovered the joy of teaching and the impact it can make on others. I decided to bike from Berlin to Beijing to push my own boundaries and do something that scares me – by overcoming my fears I want to help kids who are less fortunate than I was. I am looking forward to this adventure of a lifetime. How I planned our route to Beijing? Find out in our blog.

Our very first talk about Biking Borders


Because education shouldn’t be restricted or limited by the borders you are living in – so, we are biking borders for children education.

Since both of us just finished university and are grateful for the education we have received, we set ourselves the goal of co-dedicate a school in Guatemala. Thanks to all of YOU, we have already reached our initial fundraising goal of €50.000.  That’s why we decided to continue our journey to China and to build another school. Together with you, we can do it! Show us that you believe in us and donate to our cause of providing quality education. All donators will find their names and a huge thank you in the credits of a final biking borders movie we are planning to produce after the trip.