Giving Two is our new bicycle fundraising initiative where we partner up with different company donators to get one step closer to building this school. Learn more about how your company can make twice the difference…


Getting closer to build this school one step at a time

As you might know, we are still on our mission to cycle from Berlin to Beijing to build a co-dedicated school in Guatemala. At this point in time, almost 400 people from all over the world have donated to support our cause. After only 79 days being on the road, we have now collected 17.500€. Indeed, it is still a long way to reach the final goal of collecting 50.000€ of donations, but the love and support we receive along the way are truly amazing. Your support is the best motivation we can think of. It makes us keep pushing our limits and to get closer to our goal one step at a time.

Giving Two – how your support can make twice the difference

Giving Two is our new bicycle fundraising initiative in which the company donators partner up with Biking Borders for an entire week. During this week we will focus all our attention around the company and its support for our mission by sharing the initiative across all social media platform. The goal is to collect as many donations as possible to get one step closer to quality education for everybody. After the Giving Two week is over, our amazing Giving Two partner will double all donations up to their set maximum, which we have received from individual donators within this week. For instance, if we have received 2000€ of donations, our giving Two Partner will donate another 2000€ on top of this. With the Giving Two bicycle fundraising initiative, companies are able to make twice the difference in supporting our mission to provide quality education for everybody. For a donation made, the company will receive an official receipt.

What to expect as a Giving Two Partner?

As our Giving two Partner we will communicate the bicycle fundraising initiative as well as your support for our mission for an entire week with our 11.000 followers across all our social media platforms. By sharing personalized Videos on Instagram and posting the Giving Two Initiative on Facebook will give a detailed introduction about our Giving Two Partner. This will help our followers to get to know your company and to learn more about your mission. Furthermore, all Giving Two Partners will be highlighted on our website for the entire course of the journey. To show how grateful we are for your amazing support, you will also receive a postcard from us during our trip.

Our first Giving Two bicycle fundraising Partner

We are happy to announce Qynamic as our Giving Two Partner for November. Qynamic offers international sim cards that work all over the world. Their promise is to keep us online – anytime and anywhere. From our own experience, their products work simply great – we have been using the cards in multiple countries on our bicycle world trip. Thank you for believing in our mission and contributing with such great efforts!

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