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The Story.

We finished university and decided to do a bike travel around the world for charity. Both of us have never cycled more than 10km before. We want to do something good, exciting and challenging. Since we have lived in Asian and Central American countries last year and have experienced the differences in educational systems, we realized how lucky we are to have received a proper education. We don’t want to take this privilege for granted. Inspired by a National Geographic Documentary, we had the idea to push our personal boundaries and help less fortunate kids to receive education as well.  This is why we do this challenging bicycle journey. Biking Borders for us is about overcoming borders – geographically and mentally – to give something back.


Bike travel around the world and never biked before?

We don’t know if it will be possible! But it’s our dream to build schools and we put dreams over comfort. For this mission, we cycle 15.000km.

Our initial goal was to collect enough donations to build a co-dedicated school in Guatemala. Thanks to all of YOU, we have now reached our fundraising goal of €50.000. The first school will be built in Paraje Xoljo and will enable 602 children to go to school. We couldn’t be more grateful for YOUR support. That’s why we decided to continue our journey to China and to build another school.

We hope that you believe in us and our mission. Please show us your support by making a donation to Pencils of Promise. You can find more information on how “PoP” impacts 37.000 students in Guatemala here.



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By bicycle from Germany to China: The route 

Biking Borders route

List of all countries

  1. Germany
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Austria
  4. Slovenia
  5. Italy
  6. Croatia
  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. Montenegro
  9. Albania
  10. Macedonia
  11. Greece
  12. Turkey
  13. Iran
  14. Turkmenistan
  15. Uzbekistan
  16. Tajikistan
  17. Kyrgyzstan
  18. Kazakhstan
  19. China

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